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The NABI Foundation…making a difference in the communities where Native American youth live, play and dream!


The Foundation was founded by three individuals to provide educational programs for Native youth, yet is not owned by its Founders. It is governed by a Board of Directors – a group of individuals with strong business credentials – who’s role predominately includes review and approval of the strategic plan, annual budget and to hold accountable employees to adhere to best non-profit practices.  Contrary to “for-profit” companies, our profits at year-end are reserved by the Foundation and utilized for the proceeding year’s budget and programs, hence why the IRS grants non-profits a “tax exempt” status and tax credit to donors to enhance the Foundation’s programs for the Youth and Communities the Foundation serves. The IRS, as well as the Foundation’s donors like to see 70% of the annual budget (donations secured) extended to the non-profit’s programs; the NABI Foundation allocated over 83% of its donations to our Programs in 2018. Our goal is to continually allocate 80% or higher to programs annually.

*This data can be accessed via the Annual Federal Tax Report at (NABI Foundation 990).


Based on the knowledge of Native American youth’s talent and love for the game of basketball, NABI Founders recognized the sport as a perfect tool to unite Native youth at a week-long educational program. The program is comprised of opportunities to inspire and create college scholarships resulting in more youth earning his or her college degree. Since its launching in 2003, NABI has become nationally recognized for providing educational youth programs for Native American high school students.

Aside from being the largest all Native American Basketball Invitational, it has become an organization more than just basketball; it is an educational platform that provides Native American youth a vehicle to succeed beyond the court. In addition to the Foundation’s youth programs, it has awarded over $290,000 in scholarship funds since its inception..








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